Humble Deep Silver Bundle released!

The Humble Bundle has always been a consistent form of cheap, great video games, and today’s bundle keeps that tradition going.  The Humble Deep Silver Bundle is all games from publisher Deep Silver, and there are some tremendous deals in there.

For any price you want to pay, you can get Saints Row 2 & 3, Sacred 2: Gold Edition and Risen 2: Dark Waters.  In addition to these games, you also receive the soundtracks to saints Row 3, Risen 2 and Sacred 2.  These are a great deal for just $1 ($1 gets you the steam keys), and by equally the average paid you get the Game of the Year Edition of Dead Island, and all of the Saints Row 3 DLC.  By paying $25 dollars or more, you receive all previous games and Dead Island Riptide.

As always with the Humble Bundle you can distrubte the money between Devs, tips to the Humble group and money to charity.  The charity’s for this bundle are Child’s Play and the American Red Cross.  Head on over to The Humble Bundle to pick up your deal today!

by, Bobby Marquardt


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