All new DLC for Bioshock Infinite announced, first DLC released today!

Bioshock Infinite is one of the best games of 2013; I called it a triumph of storytelling in gaming.  It was released with a season pass costing $19.99, and up until today there had been no word as to what that DLC was, or when it was even coming out.  Irrational changed all of that today, by announcing all three of the DLCs and even releasing one!

The DLC that was unleashed on the world today was the Clash in the Clouds.  Clash in the Clouds is the first part of the season pass and is an all new battle arena mode.  Featuring Blue Ribbon challenges, players will compete against Infinite’s enemies on four different maps.  By completeing the challenges on these maps, players will unlock concept art, character models and backstory of the Lutece via Voxophone.  This new content will run you $4.99 or 400 Microsoft points.  It is free for Season pass holders, and is out right now.

The second and third DLCs will have players returning to the city under the sea, Rapture.  Buried at Sea will see Booker and Elizabeth journey to Rapture, just as the Fall begins.  There will be all new vigors, tears, skylines(?) and the return of the Big Daddy!  According to Joystiq, episode 2 will see players taking the role of Elizabeth.  It will a different character experiment, Ken Levine says, almost like survival horror.  Each of these DLCs will cost $14.99, but are covered under the Season Pass (which is only $19.99).

This reporter’s opinion:  Pretty much me right now.  Both of these have me incredibly excited, as I really wanted a Horde-esc mode or challenge maps for this game since launch.  The return to Rapture is very welcome, as this combination of Rapture and what almost feels like Noir Detective work would be amazing.  I may just have to go buy the Season Pass now.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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