Battlefield 4’s Battlelog system is on display in the latest trailer

Battlefield’s Battlelog system has been giving players there stats and been a major portion of the PC version of the title for many years.  DICE looks to up this ability even further with Battlelog for Battlefield 4.  The new system will allow players to change loadouts, find what servers their friends are playing on and immediately join them, as well as pick new missions (these are like challenges from Call of Duty or Halo 4) all on a second device.  This second device can be your smartphone or tablet.  DICE wants you to have the Battlefield experience with you as much as possible, so even when coming home from work you can pre-pick your server.

All these features sound great, though I doubt the speed they claim.  Instant joining seems like a strong term, especially when that involves a large portion of loading to switch maps and connect to a new server.  It all looks quite promising though, and I will be writing up a review of BF4 after it launches with the PS4.  Battlefield 4 releases on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on October 29th, and on the Xbox One and PS4 at their launches.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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