PS4 will support PS3’s wireless headsets

ImageAt E3, many were shocked by the announcement that Xbox One technology would not allow current generation headsets to work with the new console.  Microsoft is reportedly working with creators to find workarounds for the problem, but it seems like a self inflicted wound in many ways.  There was also worry that Sony would follow suit, it appears this is not the case.

Polygon is reporting that the PS4 will support the use of Playstation 3 wireless headsets.  Some examples of these are the Pulse, Pulse Elite and wireless Bluetooth earpiece.  Third party gaming headsets, like the Astro Gaming line, should also work on the PS4.  I have not yet seen any confirmation from other major headset companies like Turtle Beach and Triton, but I will keep this page updated accordingly when I do.

This reporter’s opinion: This is great news for PS4 purchasers, as headsets are freaking expensive.  I just spent $250 on my Astro A40s this year and would be sorely disappointed to see them not work on the next console.  It still seems like a shifty move by Microsoft to not allow them to work on the Xbox One though.

Update 10/11/13: The Pulse and Pulse Elite Headsets will reportedly not work day one with the PS4.  Other Bluetooth headsets will not work at all.  Full story here.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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