The Ultimate Warrior is coming to WWE2K14 as a pre-order bonus

The Ultimate Warrior was a mainstay in the WWE during the 80’s and had one of the best matches in Wrestlemania history against Macho Man Randy Savage at Wrestlemania 7.  He has been conspicuously absent from most WWE video games (with the exception of WWE All Stars), but that all changes this year with 2k games first crack at the franchise.  The Ultimate Warrior will be available as a pre-order bonus for this years title, WWE 2K14.  The announcement trailer can be seen below.

WWE 2K14 is coming to Xbox 360, Wii U and PS3 on October 29th.  To learn more about the title, check out the announcement trailer, which was shown off just a few weeks ago.  Are you one of those Warriors that will be playing as Ultimate Warrior on launch day?  Let us know in the comments below!

by, Bobby Marquardt


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