DuckTales Remastered launches August 11th on PC, Wii U & PS3, Sept 13th for Xbox 360

Ducktales, the classic platformer from the NES is getting a beautiful remastering this August thanks to Wayforward.  The game is going to be available as both a downloadable and retail game.

The game will launch on PS3, Wii U and PC on August 11th and oddly enough, on Xbox 360 on September 13th.  One could assume that this is due to Microsoft’s restrictions on when games can be released on Xbox Live.  Downloadable copies will cost $14.99 or 1200 Microsoft points or 12340867 Malgore Funbucks (or whatever other currencies companies may employ).  DuckTales will also be available for PS3 at retail for $19.99 on August 20th featuring download code and an exclusive DuckTales collector pin.  We haven’t been able to confirm if this copy will only come with a code, or if it comes with a disk as well.

Below is a behind the scenes “Duckumentary” on the game, and expect our review on DuckTales roughly a week or so after launch.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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