Report: Don Mattirck tried to purchase Zynga while at Microsoft

mark-and-donOn July 1st, Dom Mattrick left Microsoft to join the social gaming giant Zynga, in a move that shocked many, if not everyone.  It seems that this wasn’t as sudden as most thought, and that Mattirck has had his eyes on Zynga for years.  Today, Bloomberg has reported that Mattirck had previously looked to have Microsoft purchase Zynga back in 2010.  Don talked with Zynga founder Mark Pincus (both picture right) about buying the company in order to bolster Microsoft’s social lineup on Xbox Live and Facebook.

In 2010, we saw the great boom of facebook titles with Zynga adding millions of user to there popular titles like Farmville, and this must have been quite an attractive possibility to Don.  Adding  Zynga could have earned Microsoft an impressive Facebook presence, and likely adding titles like Farmville and Cityville to the Xbox Live Arcade.  Talks reportedly broke down though, and nothing really ever came of it.

This reporters opinion:  I can completely see why Mattirck would be very interested in Zynga back in 2010.  The company seemed to be doing no wrong, and the Facebook game market was booming.  2013 however, is another story.  Games do not do as well on Facebook as they previously did, and Zynga recently had to cut 520 jobs.  If Mattrick is able to turn the entire course of the company, he will likely get all the credit.  If Zynga fails though, he will likely see none of the blame and still walk away with a large severance.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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