Gamestop has stopped there “unlimited” pre-orders of the PS4

ps4Previous, it was reported that gamestop would have “unlimited” pre-orders for the Playstation 4.  It seems that unlimited well has officially run dry.  Twitter user Batfan619 recently posted a tweet saying “GameStop has officially stopped taking pre order for ps4 everyone else is waitlisted again.”.  This is not too surprising as Playstation 3 had supply issues at launch, and I’m assuming Sony wants to make sure they can fill all pre-orders they currently have and will then possibly give more when they are assured there stock will work.

Amazon is currently still offering pre-orders on there launch day bundles though with games like Knack, Battlefield 4, Killzone and Watch Dogs.  These bundles appear to be guaranteed for launch day as well, so pre-order there if you haven’t yet.  Have you pre-ordered your next gen console?  Have you bought the Wii U instead?  Personally, I already have $100 down on the PS4 at my local Gamestop.  Let us know your thoughts, and any possible pre-orders in the comments below!

by, Bobby Marquardt


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