Current Astro Gaming Headsets should be compatible with PS4 and may not work with Xbox One

Astro A40 headphones and a mixamp.

Astro A40 headphones and a mixamp.

Astro gaming is the creator of popular gaming headsets that are a favorite among the competitive console gamer community.  Recently, many owners of Astros and nearly any other gaming headset owners were worried because of the news that no Xbox 360 accessories would work on Xbox One.  Today, Astro posted a blog post regarding this potential major issue.  The headset creator said the following about compatibility with next-gen consoles:

Regarding whether our current ASTRO products will work with the new XBox One and PlayStation 4, based on further dialog at E3, here’s what we can share at this time:

 RE: PlayStation 4. Should work fine with our current products, but we’ll confirm in the coming weeks.

 RE: Xbox One.  We’re working closely with Xbox to create the best ASTRO audio solution. 

 For either or both systems, we may provide an upgrade path to our customers who purchased earlier this year or maybe even a trade-in program, but that decision is still to be determined. 

 To be clear, we are in discussions with both Sony and Microsoft to secure the required next-generation licenses to develop new licensed products for both the PS4 and Xbox One. But we’re not rushing anything to market – we’re going through our proprietary design process; getting input from our pro teams and industry experts, to ensure that products by ASTRO will produce the best game audio and voice-com experience for our customers and eSports teams, worldwide.

 We’ll do our best to keep you updated.Thanks for your continued support of ASTRO!

So it seems that current Astro products will work on PS4 and not the Xbox One.  I would expect some type of add-on attachment for current owners who plan on buying an Xbox One.  As an Astro A40 owner and PS4 preorderer, I am very happy to know I’ll be able to just plug my Astro’s in on day one and they will work.  I feel bad for Xbox One’s potential buyers though, as the console itself will not even come with a headset (outside the Kinect).

Update 10/11/13: Sony has said the Astro will be usable for gaming audio day one, but not chat.  Chat will be patched later.  Full story here.

by, Bobby Marquardt


4 thoughts on “Current Astro Gaming Headsets should be compatible with PS4 and may not work with Xbox One

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