Witcher 3 DLC to have free DLC on PC, cost on console up to platform creator

The team at CD Projekt Red has built itself a good reputation by offering free DLC on it’s previous Witcher games.  Thankfully, the Polish-based development studio seems to be following that same business model for it’s latest title The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.Image

In a recent interview with Rock Paper Shotgun, Marcin Iwinski of CD Projekt Red said the developer would continue to release updates and small DLC for free. Iwinski said the following: “It’s too early to talk specifics, but definitely all the DLCs and updates will be free.  Of course, we’ll see what the platform holders will allow – what we can do for free [on next-gen consoles]. I mean, there are different business models on consoles. From our standpoint, we’ll definitely do everything we can to deliver the same experience across all platforms.” 

Iwinski also spoke about how they would feature any expansions: “Should we decide to do some big expansions or something, we’ll expect gamers to pay for it. But again, it’s all value for money. I think $15-$20 for new gameplay is a pretty honest and fair deal. But additional weapons and fixes, those of course come as part of the package.”

CD Projekt Red also announced that their new title will release on launch day on the website GOG.com, which is famous for it’s no DRM policies.  The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4 in 2014, and we will continue to have more information on it in the coming months.


This reporter’s take: This is good news for both console and PC gamers, though the team at CD may run into problems with Microsoft.  In the past, Valve has tried to release DLC for Left 4 Dead for free on Xbox 360, but Microsoft would not allow them.  They later would charge 560 Microsoft points, or $7, for any maps they would release (all of which are free on PC).  My pure assumption from Microsoft’s policies of the past, and current Xbox One policies, is that these weapons will cost money on the Xbox One.  I would expect the PS4 to allow for free weapons though, given their easier publishing of indie titles and more open network.  I also applaud CD Projekt Red on releasing the game DRM-free on day one on GOG.com.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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