New gameplay from Batman: Arkham Origins

The team at Rev3Games sat down with Eric Holmes, the creative director of Batman: Arkham Origins, to talk about the latest title in the Arkham franchise.  The new game will feature an open world that is twice the size of Arkham City, all new side quests that give unique upgrades for completing and all new voice actors for Batman and The Joker.  Roger Craig Smith will voice the Caped Crusader, and Booker DeWitt himself, Troy Baker, will be the voice of Joker,  I highly encourage you to watch Rev3’s interview and gameplay walkthrough as Adam Sessler is one of the best journalists in the industry today.  

Batman: Arkham Origins will release on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PS3 on October 25th, and a handheld title called Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate is coming to the PS Vita and 3DS on the same day.  For more on Origins, take a look back at our original announcement article, the first trailer for the game, and learn how DeathStroke is a playable character.

by, Bobby Marquardt


2 thoughts on “New gameplay from Batman: Arkham Origins

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