E3 Reactions from the entire staff

Move over Microsoft, there’s a new King in town.

It’s official. Microsoft has been dethroned. As Microsoft promised, they did focus on games at E3 but sadly it was not enough. Sure, Microsoft teased a new Halo and showed off the incredible Titanfall but that was about all Microsoft did well. Announcing that the Xbox One will be $499, always online, has a terrible used game policy and needs Kinect killed Microsoft. Sony is offering the PS4 at $399 and keeping their used game policy the same as it has been. That’s what converted me, a Microsoft supporter, to invest in a PS4. I can understand Microsoft changing its policy for used games but that’s about it. Sony has learned from their PS3 launch mistake but it looks like Microsoft didn’t learn from Sony. What makes Microsoft think people want Kinect to become a thing is anyone’s guess. If I’m being honest I think most gamers just want to use a controller and sit to play their games. Unless Microsoft changes their policies they’re just going to shoot themselves in the foot. I still think the Xbox One will sell well but not as well as Microsoft thinks. I believe the PS4 will blow the Xbox One out of the water with launch day sales and will continue to beat the Xbox One until Microsoft lowers the price or changes policies. E3 was Sony’s to lose but not only did they win, they buried Microsoft 6 feet under.


EA came out swinging by showing Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, Mirror’s Edge 2 and – what I’m most excited about – Star Wars: Battlefront. When they showed the teaser for Star Wars: Battlefront, I squealed.

Titanfall was without a doubt Game of the Show. It looks like a next generation game and is definitely going to rival Halo and Call of Duty.

Ubisoft’s The Crew looks to combine Burnout gameplay with Forza customization. It will be a game to play with friends and have hours of fun.

Need for Speed: Rivals is looking to combine the best of all Need for Speed games. I will for sure be getting this when it comes out.

Saints Row 4 is looking like an absolutely ridiculous game. I feel it will be a good game but it might be straying too far from its known strategy. The superpowers might be too much for the game.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is gearing up to be a dynamic co-op game. From the gameplay Ubisoft showed it looks to be one of the better MMO style games coming to the next generation consoles.

Destiny. What can be said about this game other than WOW! The gameplay Bungie and Activision showed looks like Destiny will be taking full advantage of the next generation console’s power. Being able to play with a few friends and have the game seamlessly transition to a public event is amazing.

By: Max Sturm

The Battle Begins and Ends in One Night

The big news of the E3 Press Conference happened yesterday as companies displayed their products to all of us gamers to get us hyped for all the new releases. Companies like EA and Ubisoft showed off their newest games and designs that will be available in the near future, while companies like Microsoft and Sony further put on display their next generation consoles and the games that they will feature on those consoles. While game developers and publishers put on a good show, the biggest attractions for me were those next generation consoles; The Xbox One and the PS4. I waited all day to see how Sony would respond to Microsoft’s Xbox One reveal show that occurred two weeks ago, and let’s just say this was a one sided fight.

The battle started with the Xbox One press event which kicks off E3.


At first I was all for Microsoft and the Xbox One, even though there were potential flaws with the actual gaming on the system. I look back at those flaws now and realize that my love for the Xbox 360 was blocking the realism of the Xbox One. After the reveal show that Microsoft had, I talked and wrote about how the system was an “entertainment” system and not a gaming system. At the time the only way that Microsoft, for me, could improve on that show was to put on a good show at E3 that focused on games and gaming. It did just that at E3 with a focus on games like Forza Motorsport 5, TitanFall, Halo, and many others.

However, that was my hopes two weeks ago and even leading up to Microsoft’s E3 appearance. The things I want to know about now aren’t even the new games or how those games work, I want to know more about those flawed features that Microsoft decided to incorporate in the Xbox One. I want to know about the online always requirement, used game policy and the importance of the Kinect. These are important things that change the way we could potentially game for this upcoming generation, and we got nothing. I am a huge fan and contributor to renting games and buying used games, and taking that out of my Xbox experience takes away my interest in the new console at all. I don’t want to have to always be online just to play a game by myself or even restrict myself to where I can play my console and my games based on internet connection. The restrictions, the eliminations, and the less gaming more entertainment really make it hard for me to validate a $499.99 pricing and consider buying the system.

The answer to validate that pricing and changes to the system we all love, don’t buy it. Buy its rival instead.


That rival is the PS4. In just over two hours at E3 Sony did everything right and won me over just like many others with the PS4, games, and content. Sony was serious in winning gamers over and they did just that with even more than the PS4. We got new titles for the Vita and PS3, we got to see the sleek design of the PS4, we got news on games for the PS4, and most of all we got information that mattered to the future of gaming.

I, along with my fellow League members, cheered in excitement for news that shouldn’t even be news. These are things that have always been part of gaming, until Microsoft thought they could change that. I wonder exactly how crazy things are going at Microsoft right now, because they just got knocked out of competition. Sure the PS4 is making a change by introducing a PlayStation Plus account where for less than five dollars a month you can play in online multiplayer games. However, Microsoft has already been doing this but not to the extent that Sony will with a cheaper price, zero cost applications like Netflix, and free games. Not only is that cheaper and better when compared to Xbox Live, the console will be coming out at $399.99. The console is cheaper, keeps the idea of how we game now, and just plain better than the Xbox One. And if Sony didn’t win over gamers with the PS4, then they did with the showing off Destiny

The Destiny gameplay and PS4 showing equals many sold gamers, including myself. I owned the original PlayStation, a PS2, and a PS3 at different times in my life and switched to the Xbox 360 to enjoy something that shined when compared to its competitors. Now I am making that change again to go for a console that shines when compared to its competitors, the PS4. I am officially coming home to Sony and purchasing the better product. I will keep my Xbox 360 and be happy for the next few years to play games on both of my consoles. Eventually I will get the Xbox One and enjoy Halo and TitanFall, but I will love my PS4 before and after that purchase. E3 this year was great and gave us fans what we wanted, but the whole show should have been called, “Sony’s Reveal Show of the PS4”. Sony enters the battle and leaves with a first round knockout of Microsoft. Goodbye Xbox One, hello PS4.

By: Adam Chudy

All three did pretty well, but one was just a little better.

Microsoft showed off 15 exclusives for the Xbox One.  Some of these exclusive include RYSE Son of Rome by Crytek, Quantum Break by Remedy, TitanFall by Respawn Entertainment.  Microsoft showed off an excess of games at their press conference.  A few games stood out to me and those are Project Spark, of course the new Halo, RYSE Son of Rome, and Crimson Dragons (Even though the sound cut out).  Microsoft really tried to push new games for the Xbox One.  Some other games Microsoft announced were Kinect Sports Rivals, World of tanks, Max the Curse of Brotherhood, Thief, and my personal favorite Zoo tycoon.  The only new features I believe could bring a lot to the Xbox One is Xbox live gold sharing.  It’s small but it could be a big player in the years to come.  The new features could be good thing but right now we will have to wait and see if they can survive the hate.  I do not believe people are ready for such a drastic change.  Overall I believe the Microsoft press conference was lack luster they did what they came out to do and that was to show games but never gave hints to how these new features can be a good thing for the consumer.

The Sony press conference… where do I even begin?  Jack Tretton really brought a genuine feel to what they are doing with the PlayStation 4.  They didn’t try to introduce anything new, they just upgraded the specs and called it a day.  Sony has really brought the big guns to E3 this year; Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy are two of the games I cant wait to see get released.  I’m very happy they will be bring a lot of indie developers with them.  One great example would have to be Octodad, that game is amazing.  I can’t wait to put on a business suit and make sweet sweet love to everything with my tentacles.  Overall Sony really listened to the gamers, they made a console for the hardcore gamer and made it easy for third party developers to make games for the PlayStation.  They took pot shots at Microsoft and got a standing ovation for it.  Sony made a great console with great games and made it simple for the consumer to understand where they will be going in the next decade of gaming.  Sony definitely brought it this year.

Nintendo went with a different approach to E3 this year, they held a what they called “Nintendo Direct”.  My guess is that Nintendo knew they didn’t have enough to show so they just summed there announcements up in a simpler way.  Their big announcement was that the Wii Fit lady was in the new Super Smash Bros.  But I think Megaman should have got the spotlight.  Also it didn’t help that the CEO, Satoru Iwata didn’t make an appearance at E3.  Some games Nintendo announced that got my attention was Super Smash Brothers for the Wii U and 3DS, Pikmin, and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.  Overall Nintendo didn’t have any big announcements this year at E3.  I would like to see Nintendo focus on more the gaming aspect than the hardware.  They could give me the worst looking console but if they gave me a console version of Pokémon I would buy it in a heartbeat.  But unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon.  Nintendo didn’t blow the socks off of anyone at E3.  They had a few good games releases but as expected they didn’t do anything big.  They just couldn’t compete with the excitement Sony and Microsoft brought to E3 this year with the next generations.  Maybe next year they will be able to show more.  We will have to wait and see.

By: Nathan Szalewski

Sony Takes the Belt Back.

Every participant at E3’s press conference had great stuff to show.  EA with Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, Peggle 2, and Titanfall.  Microsoft (Xbox ONE) with Titanfall being exclusive to them, Halo, and an upload studio built into the system.  Sony (PS4) with supporting used games, self publishing for indie developers, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Destiny.  Nintendo was no slouch either with Pokemon X & Y, Super Mario 3D, and Super Smash Bros. 4.

Even though all had great things to show, to me the best part was the two console reveals (the Xbox ONE and the PS4).   The Xbox One, as I’m sure most people know by now, persisted with not allowing used games on their console and has a pretty hefty price tag of $499.  The only things going for it for me was that it will have Titanfall, which looks absolutely fantastic (who doesn’t want to fight mechs and parkour?), and the upload studio, which allows players to upload gameplay with ease.  The PS4 on the other hand had many games that appealed to me (FFXV and KH3 to name a couple), supports indie developers, and supports used games!  Because of this, PS4 took the cake from me, not Xbox ONE.

The rest of the conferences were great.  I enjoyed seeing the many games that are still in production and how great they all look and am stoked to play most of them.  Overall though, Sony had the most impressive conference in my opinion and are gladly rubbing it in Microsoft’s face.

By: Caleb Deerr

I just preordered one of these consoles.

E3 is my favorite time of the year and this year really proved why it’s fun to be a gamer.  All three companies brought out the big guns and made you want to buy their brand new expensive console.  We saw brand new footage from old franchises like Battlefield and all new amazing IPs like Watch Dogs, The Division, TitanFall and Destiny.  Almost every developer just plain brought it, but some brought it just a bit more.

In the 3rd party scene, Activision, in classic Activision fashion, had no real presence at any press conference (unless you count Destiny), and showed off their biggest game, Call of Duty Ghosts, at it’s own event.  Honestly, it looked like more of the same and I was not impressed.  EA brought out some amazing new takes on franchises like Battlefield with such large environments, and 64 player online (though that’s not confirmed for consoles, but I would hope/assume it will be coming to PS4/Xbox One) and of course the acknowledgement that they are making Battlefront!  EA left me quite happy, but they didn’t show a single new Ip.  Ubisoft on the otherhand seems to be the king of new IPs.  The incredibly unexpected The Division set a perfect ending to Ubisoft’s press conference.  The team showed off classic franchises like Assassin’s Creed and two of the biggest new IPs Watch Dogs and The Crew.  Out of the big three publishers, Ubisoft stole the show.  The French developer just plain nailed it, and I am looking forward to nearly everything they showed.

The big three console makers also showed up, and did a lot of things right.  Nintendo showed off Pokemon and Smash Bros, but really lacked any killer app for this year.  Smash Bros is coming next year and so is the new Zelda.  They also seemed to lack any originality in their Mario titles.  They are making what is almost a console port of the 3DS version of Super Mario land, though Mario Kart’s 3D tracks look amazing.  Monolith’s new IP will also be a very big hit for the company, it feels like Skyrim with mechs and Dinosaurs for crying out loud.

Microsoft had the hardest sell out of all three, they stuck their line in the sand with 499.99 price, no used games and required internet check ins every 24 hours.  To their credit they showed off an incredible amount of exclusives from great developers like Insomniac and Capcom, but really didn’t have much excitement to their conference til the end.  TitanFall looks to be one of the best titles of next year, and I will likely have to buy an Xbox One for it.  Microsoft just seemed to have set the price too high for most people, and no used games certainly won’t make the price seem any lower.

Sony came to E3 swinging, showing off one of the games I’ve wanted for years: Kingdom Hearts 3.  I understand that it’s not an exclusive, but I squeed like a 12 yr old girl.  Sony really also showed how good their current console is, with two massive releases still to come with The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls.  They also announced a slew of third party games like Mad Max, Final Fantasy 15, and Elder scrolls Online coming to consoles.  The one thing they lacked were more launch exclusives.  The console, priced at 399.99, will launch with 3 boxed exclusives in Knack, DriveClub and Killzone: Shadowfall.  The team also received thunderous applause for simply keeping the status quo for used games and no internet requirements.  The other guy is doing something wrong when the status quo gets rave applause.

To me, Sony won E3.  They brought out the right first party games, and showed off the right third party titles, running on the PS4.  They are launching at a lower price point and offer you more bang for your buck as things stand now.   I honestly pre-ordered the PS4 about 2 hours ago.  Suffice to say, I’m excited.  You did good Sony, now don’t get cocky.

By: Bobby Marquardt


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