Sony’s Jack Trenton says The Last Guardian is “On Hiatus”. Update: Or apparently it’s not.

The Last Guardian from the team behind Ico and The Shadow of Colossus is currently on hiatus, according to Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Jack Trenton.  He spoke to Gametrailers Geoff Keighley about the subject in a recent interview on Gametrailers stream.  The video can be found here.  During the interview, Trenton touted the 20 exclusives that the PS4 would have during it’s first year, and 40 games would have exclusive content for it.

The Last Guardian was first shown in 2010, and no information of footage has been shown since then.

Update: Apparently it’s not on hold! According to Shuhei Yoshida, head of Sony’s Worldwide studios, the title is still in active development.  He was interviewed by Kotaku and they wrote the following: “That hiatus term—I’m not a native English-speaking person—but that’s misleading,” Yoshida told me a few minutes ago during an interview here at E3. He’d watched Tretton’s comments on while eating lunch. “The game is in active development. [Lead designer Fumito] Ueda-san shared updates a few months ago. Nothing has changed. My answer is, ‘Yes, the game is in active development.’ It’s not hiatus at all. But we are not ready to reintroduce it. When we are ready, we will do that. Please wait.”

This reporter’s take:  I think that Team ICO may be working on an entirely new titles now, and has The Last Guardian on the backburner.  It kinda stinks as that game looked impressive, but I trust that amazing team to unleash something spectacular.

Update: Or maybe it’s being retooled?  I don’t know what to think at this point.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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