Full recap of Microsoft’s E3 Press Conference

xbox oneMicrosoft brought out the big guns for their E3 press conference.  It was all about the games for them as well, but they had enough time to announce a key partnership, release date and price.  They did not speak on the online requirement, used game policy and Kinect requirement at all.

Hideo Kojima’s latest project, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain opened the show.  The footage shown was mostly gameplay, showing off an open world for you to explore and plan your missions in.  This trailer opened with Ocelot needing Snake (voiced by Keifer Sutherland), to rescue an ally of theirs from a location in Afghanistan.  The game will feature “Dynamic Close Quarters Combat” and offer a “Realistic passage of time”.  It really looks quite impressive, and showed off what the Fox Engine and next gen consoles can do.  MGS5 will be releasing on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Microsoft also announced a new Xbox 360 model that is available today (I question this as it is not at the Target I work at).  It looks more like the Xbox One as well.  Xbox Live will also be getting a Playstation plus-esc system, by offering two free games each months.  The first two games will be Halo 3 and Assassin’s Creed 2.  They also focused on how the Xbox 360 will continue to be supported, with titles like Demon Souls 2, War of Tanks 360 edition and PressPlay’s new title Max: The curse of Brotherhood.  The trailers for Max and world of Tanks can be seen below

Crytek took the stage next to show off their Xbox One exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome.  The game will put you in the boots of Roman general Mario Titus, focusing on how you are both a leader and a soldier.  The gameplay seems to be a mix of Quick time events and general combat.  Showing off quite a bit of gameplay, it almost feels like Call of Duty: Rome to me, which is good for it.  I highly recommend you take a look at the very high quality gameplay footage.  Ryse: Son of Rome release at launch on Xbox One

Rare had been teasing for a few weeks that they would return with a game for the core and they did in a major way.  Their classic fighting game title Killer Instinct will be coming to the Xbox One. It is just as insane as you remember.  ULTRA COMBO!!!  No release date was given, but expect it within the first year of the Xbox One.

Insomniac’s Ted Price then took the stage to announce that his team would be creating their first Xbox Exclusive: Sunset Overdrive.  It is a stylized open world shooter that focuses on traversal.  The trailer features a huge open world, and Insomniac’s trademark crazy weapons.  According to Ted, the game can change daily thanks to the cloud, allowing for new weapons and other changes.  I’m so incredibly hyped for this as I love Insomniac.  Sunset Overdrive is coming exclusively to the Xbox One, no date was given though.

Forza Motorsports 5 rose onto the stage next, as did the McLaren P1.  Turn 10 touted the Xbox One’s all new Xbox live cloud features with the “Drive-atar”.  Your drive-atar will race against other people on Xbox live as their AI, and give you XP for how you place.  The Drive-atar will learn how you race, and copy that style for other races.  It will also give you tips on when  to pass opponents and when opponents may be trying to pass you.  Forza 5 will be available at launch for Xbox One

VP Phil Harrison then took the stage to talk about the ways Microsoft has supported Indie development.  Minecraft was announced for Xbox One, featuring bigger maps and better multiplayer, more akin to the PC experience.  D4 was an episodic cell-shaded mystery game that will come to Xbox One.  The team behind SuperBrothers: Swords and Sorcery EP, comes Below.  Very little was explained about the title, but it seems to have a bit of a Journey vibe about it.  All three of these game’s trailers can be seen below.  No dates were given for these games.

Remedy’s latest title Quantum Break will merge live action story telling with gameplay.  Your choices in game will change the “television show” and the show will give you tips for the gameplay.  You play as Jack Choice, the survivor of an experiment which literally froze time itself.  He now seems to have the ability to stop time for short periods of time, like in this trailer he was able to save a doctor who was attack by someone who wants to steal their research.  No release date was given for Quantum Break.  You can trust that the game will be coming only to Xbox One.

In a surprise move, we were shown Project Spark.  The way the team described it was as a game where you can build your own game.  Using both the controller and Smartglass, you can build your entire world and create all new experiences.  The best way I can describe it is Little Big Planet on steroids for Xbox One.  No release date was given.

Microsoft touted the 3rd part support the game would have as well.  First out was Capcom’s Dead Rising 3.  The game is an Xbox One exclusive, that will be releasing at the launch of the Xbox One.  The team showed off a large section of gameplay set in the new city of Los Peddros with new hero Nick Ramos.  Letting you modify weapons on the fly, the game showed off crazy weapons like the Sledgesaw.  The E3 trailer can be seen below.

Two other third party titles were shown, and neither game is an Xbox One exclusive.  First up was The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.  CD Project Red talked about how the Xbox One version would feature exclusive voice commands as well as UI available only on Smartglass.  New gameplay as shown, which looked impressive, though the graphics weren’t too far beyond the Xbox 360’s Witcher 2.  Battlefield 4 showed off brand new gameplay footage running on the Xbox One as well.  It was basically what you’d expect, though the game now allows you to command you squad to attack certain enemies.  Truthfully, I disliked the coloration showed in the demo, as it showed off the problems I had with BF3.  The lighting was often brighter than the sun, and DICE seems to not have changed that at all.  Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4 next year and Battlefield 4 will be coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS3 this fall.  The first DLC for Battlefield 4 will also come first to the Xbox.

Microsoft’s newest big studio Black Tusk teased what they were working on for the Xbox One.  It was an espionage game set in a major metropolitan city (Shanghai?).  No title or date was given, but expect more on it soon.

The Xbox is the house that Master Chief built, and the Xbox One is no exception.  Bonnie Ross said that Halo on Xbox One would run with dedicated servers and at 60 frames per second.  Surprisingly, the trailer shown may not be for a Halo 5.  The trailer on says Halo.  We’ll keep you posted before it’s launch in 2014.

The creators of Call of Duty’s newest game is also an Xbox exclusive: TitanFall.  TitanFall focuses on multiplayer, allowing players to eithe pilot a mech (called Titans) or fight on land using items like jetpacks and the ability to free run to give you the edge over the mechs.  Any describing I do would not do it justice.  Watch the footage below.  TitanFall is coming to Xbox One, PC and Xbox 360 next Spring.

The Xbox One has a built in DVR, which allows players to edit and record commentary over their gameplay footage.  You can then upload your gameplay to the cloud for all of the world to see.  Microsoft has also partnered with twitch tv, allowing user to stream their gameplay to Xbox Live at any time.  So expect a lot more kids playing COD on twitch.

The Xbox One will be launching this November at $499.99 here in the US.  Did Microsoft show off enough to convince you to buy their name machine?  Is $499.99 too much?  Are you as excited about TitanFall as I am?  Let us know in the comments below.

By, Bobby Marquardt


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