AGL 7 is this weekend in Knoxville, Tennessee!

Arena Gaming League, or AGL for short, is the premier league for competitive Halo 4 and they are hosting their seventh event through Sunday the 9th in Knoxville, Tennessee.  The winning team will walk away with a cool $10,000 and the pride of being the top team in Halo.  With over 65 teams in attendance, and many former MLG pros, you can expect this tournamanet to offer some amazing action.  On commentary this weekend, we will see Scott “Ghandi” Lussier, Eric “Gh057ayame” Hewitt, Clint “Maven” Forrest, and 343 associate producer (and former MLG coach) Andy “Bravo” Dudynsky. If you enjoy Esports, or just great competition be sure to tune in.

The event’s stream can be found here:

If you wanna learn more about AGL, go to


by, Bobby Marquardt


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