Scorpion coming to Injustice: God’s Among us on June 11th

Warner Brothers gave us one of the best fighting games of the year in Injustice, we gave it a 4 out of 5 in our review, and they will now be launching their 3rd DLC character: Scorpion.  You may remember Scorpion from basically every Mortal Kombat game, and it would seem odd to put him in the DC Universe.  DC’s Jim Lee gives an explanation for this in the video below.  Scorpion will be available for 400 Microsoft points or 4.99 on both Xbox Live and Playstation Network, or comes with the price of the season pass.

The reporter’s take: The way Netherrealm has done DLC with Injustice has annoyed me quite a bit.  The DC Universe is so rich and diverse with it’s characters and yet they have chosen people like Batgirl and Scorpion for the Season Pass.  Lobo was a fantastic choice, but adding another character from Gotham brings the total up to 6.  Batman’s family is now 1/6th of the game’s roster.  They could put in people like Firestorm, Beast Boy, Martian Manhunter or Gorilla Grodd, but have instead chosen a Mortal Kombat character.  It just seems like a lazy choice on  Netherrealm’s part.


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