Respawn’s TitanFall leaks from new Gameinformer cover, is an Xbox and PC exclusive

Ever since Jason West and Vince Zampella left Infinity Ward and Activision, we were extremely curious as to what their latest title would hold.  The two Call of Duty creators formed Respawn Entertainment, and have been working on a next-gen title that would be published by Electronic Arts ever since.  In April, Kotaku reported that the their next title would be an Xbox One exclusive, and today’s leak seems to confirm that.

Today on NeoGaf, user Cartman86, got a leak of next month’s gameinformer due to an error in the Google Play store, and was able to read all about Respawn Entertainments first title: TitanFall.  The cover of the newest GameInformer can be seen below.

titanfall gi cover

According to the NeoGaf user, the game will be an Xbox One and PC exclusive, and another version will be coming to the Xbox 360 as well, although that version is being developed by someone besides Respawn.  TitanFall will run on a version of the Source Engine, and take full advantage of the Xbox One’s Live functionality.  They will utilize the unlimnited dedicated servers that Microsoft will offer to offload many of the AI calculations and physics in order to run the game better.

TitanFall will be going for a Blade Runner/District 9 vibe, by setting the game in the not too distant future.  The game will feature human segregated between Earth and frontier planets by corporations who are trying to take the resources of the frontier worlds.  You will be put the player in the role of a pilot, trained with many different types of weapons, who controls giant Mechs called Titans.  You can also command the Titans to follow you around if you prefer to go on foot.  Going on foot isn’t a deterrent though, because on foot you can run on walls, and make multiple jumps.  The titans though are no slouch, as they can dodge and move quite quickly.

The game will also allegedly feature some form of a progression system, but their are no details at this time.  The game is expected to release in Spring 2014, and we will likely have more information on it on Monday after Microsoft’s press conference.  What do you think of Respawn’s new title? Do you think the team can revolutionize multiplayer again, like they did with Call of Duty?  Let us know in the comments below!

This reporter’s take:  I am quite excited to finally hear about what the team at Respawn has been working on, and TitanFall seems to live up to expectations.  The mech combat seems like a quite fresh idea as the only title we have really had are Hawken and MechWarrior Online.  I am unsure about the claims of what the always online servers can do.  With SimCity (another EA published game) we saw that the servers were not needed at all, but I suppose I’ll reserve judgment for it until I see more.

By, Bobby Marquardt


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