Microsoft cancels post-E3 press roundtable

Ever since the reveal event for the Xbox One, Microsoft has had a less then stellar run with the press.  They have really botched their messaging when it comes to things like if the console needs to be online at times, and for if it allows used games.  As of now, all we know for sure is that Kinect is required to be plugged in at all times (which is still creepy), and that the console will not be backwards compatible.  Microsoft could really use some good PR, and that could be gained by explaining what the Xbox One will need for many of these controversial issues to gamers.  It would appear though that the Washington based company will not be doing that at E3.

ImageMicrosoft has now cancelled it’s post press conference media roundtable, according to a tweet from Sun Media reporter Steve Tilley.  The tweet reads as follows: “Microsoft has cancelled its post-press conference roundtable w/ the media. Not sure what to make of that.”  He later explained this information came from an email from Microsoft’s PR firm.  Polygon’s Brian Crecente also tweeted about this confirming it, as well as saying the pre-E3 meeting with reporters was cancelled.

We have reached out to Microsoft for clarification about the matter, and their reasoning behind it.  We will update when we hear back from them.

This reporter’s take: This may show a shift in strategy for Microsoft with the Xbox One.  They may want to focus on more mainstream media outlets like Newspapers or major magazines like Rolling Stones.  This would seem odd though when E3 has been heavily touted as being all about the games of the Xbox One.  To put it bluntly. it’s quite concerning to me that Microsoft wants to avoid the press so much at this point.  I think they realize they screwed up their messaging at the reveal, and now have to make sure they are 100% on their policies before talking at all.  Time will tell though, as E3 is right around the corner.

By, Bobby Marquardt

(for the record, I apologize for any spelling errors.  My PC’s graphics card is near death and it’s very difficult to write anything and see it)


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