Oculus Rift co-founder Andrew Reisse killed as a casuialty in a police chase

The Oculus Rift has continually been one of the most fascinating new pieces of technology coming into the game industry today, and it was truly saddening to learn that one of it’s co-founders was killed as a casualty during a police chase. 

Andre Reisse was struck by a car that was fleeing the police in Santa Ana, and soon after died, according to a report from ABC 7.  The suspect alleged to have committed this crime is 21 year old Victor Sanchez, who was fleeing from a previous altercation with police.  During Victor’s fleeing from the police, he hit two car and ran two red-lights before hitting and killing Reisse.  He and the other two in his car have been taken into custody, while Sanchez is recovering in the hospital.  The Santa Ana Police say these men were “all are gang members on probation, with outstanding warrants for their arrest”.

According to an In Memoriam page from Oculust Rift, Andrew Reisse studied Computer Science at University of Maryland College Park, where he met many of the people he would later design the UI system known as Scaleform with.  Scaleform has been used in hundreds of games ranging from Civilizations IV to Battlefield 3. 

Reisse would later move to work on the Gaiki cloud gaming platform.  Gaiki is the system that Sony purchased in 2012, and which will be integratedImage into all PS4’s.  It will one day allow the company to stream full HD titles to users, as well as offer the ability to play games while they download.  Reisse would later be a lead on the Oculus SDK, and worked to get many of the amazing demos we have seen on the Rift, ranging from Hawken to the Unreal Engine integration.  

Andrew Reisse was a brilliant mind for the gaming world and he will sorely be missed.  He was also an avid photographer and many of his gorgeous photos can be found here.  I want to take a moment to send my prayers and condolences to his family and the team at Oculus.  Reisse’s impact on the gaming world cannot be measured, and we here at the League are incredibly grateful.

R.I.P: Andrew Reisse


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