Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity is completed, winner video shown below.

22Can’s Curiosity has completed today, with the video in the center revealed.  The prize for the winner, Bryan Henderson of Edinborough, Scottland, is fascinating.  Watch the video below:

Bryan will be the god of all people in 22Cans’ newest game “Godus” which is coming out later this year.  He will be able to decide the rules that the game is played by and he will also “share in the success of the product”, receiving a small amount of money each time money is spent on the game.    

This reporter’s take:  As much trouble as Peter Molyneux, this is a brilliant prize for the winner.  Curiosity was “an experiment” and I would call it successful, and in all honesty I hope they create another experiment soon, and I would love to participate.  Having one person really decide the world of Godus is also a fascinating choice by 22Cans and could either end very well or horribly.

by, Bobby Marquardt


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