Jonathan Blow talks about The Witness on PS4

Jonathan Blow, creator of the critically acclaimed title Braid, recently spoke with Sony about his upcoming new game The Witness.  The Witness is a puzzle game that seems to be a combination of the PC classic Myst and his previous title, Braid.  It looks incredibly fascinating, and will be coming to PS4 as a timed exclusive first before coming to the PC (No word yet on an Xbox One release, and their may not be one with Microsoft’s decision to not allow indie devs to self publish).  In the interview, Blow talks about the benefits of not being attached to a large publisher, and how making his money back on The Witness is not his number one priority, but rather bringing “the most beneficial experience to the player.”

More information of The Witness will be coming throughout the year, and likely at E3.

By, Bobby Marquardt


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