Just Cause 2 Review

I am uploading some previous reviews I wrote on my Facebook page and posting them here so we can bolster our review content on the site.  I wrote these during the summer of 2012 and during that period I used a 1-10 system in the same vain of IGN or Polygon.  I converted them over to our sites 1-5 scale though for congruence with our other reviews.  Enjoy!

Just Cause 2, released in 2010 by Eidos, is an open world sandbox game set on the Island playground of Panau.  The game was released to much community love that is extremely well deserved, often being named as one of the best open world titles ever.


The game sets you in the shoes of “Scorpio” a secret agent of The Agency who is sent to Panau to overthrow the dictator Baby Panee.  To get to him you will work for three criminal organizations on the island, The Ular Boys, The Roaches, and The Reapers.  He is armed with a grappling hook, parachute and a small countries worth of armaments to take him down.  He goes about this by causing Chaos, which is used as experience in the game as well as how the story advances.  I’ll be honest though, the story here is forgettable and bland, but offers many amazing set pieces for you to explore and enjoy.

Chaos quickly becomes one of the most fun portions of the game.  The entire game was built as a beautiful place for you to have fun and this is where Just Cause 2 shines so well.  The Island is as large of character in the game as Scorpio or any of the three organizations.  It is beautiful, expansive, and just begs for you to explore every inch of it.  From snowcapped mountains to tropical beaches the landscape is so diverse it is staggering.  If any of you are able to 100% this game by finding all the locations, collecting all the parts, and completing the staggering number of missions I tip my hat to you.  You are far better than I at this game.

As mentioned earlier the game gives you a grappling hook and parachute for you to do what you wish with.  These are probably some of the best mechanics that a game has had in a long time.  The pure shenanigans you can cause using just your chute and hook are staggering and always a good time.  These combined with SMG’s, Rocket Launchers and grenades can lead to some exhilarating and hilarious moments.  The game also allows you to use vehicles, ranging from speed boats to twin engine airplanes which are mostly for transportation but also let you see another beautiful view of the island. The enemies in the game work on a GTA style heat system, but the enemies are will often attack unprovoked, but I guess since you are a terrorist attacking and trying to overthrow the government this can be understood.

The sound design in the game is done well enough, it’s nothing truly remarkable but the voice acting and lip synching is just plain poor.  Often times when a mission starts the rep from the organization’s voice will either glitch or be completely off time.  The mission setups themselves are the exact same every time.  Once you begin a vehicle rolls up they drop off a box, give you a brief explanation and then drive off.  Every single time.  It’s just plain poor.  The graphics thankfully work well on the Xbox 360, and I can only imagine it looks even better on PC.

In conclusion, Just Cause 2 is one of the best sandbox games released to date.  It has almost infinite replayability and such a fun factor that it almost negates all of its flaws.  It’s flaws are quite evident but are easily overlooked as you are blowing up a massive radar dish with an attack helicopter.  I highly recommend this game to anyone who has a want for pure fun gameplay or plain out destruction.

Final Score: 4 out of 5

by, Bobby Marquardt


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