Ratchet and Clank film announced; Coming in 2015!

Today Insomniac Games, Blockade Entertainment and Rainman Entertainment announced a Ratchet and Clank movie will be coming to theatres in 2015.  The writer of all recent Ratchet and Clank games, T.J. Fixman, is writing the script, with Jericca Cleland (Cinematographer of Space Chimps & Arthur Christmas) directing.  The teaser released today can be seen here.

Insomniac will also have a “hands-on” role in “the film’s production, screenplay, character development, and animation consulting”.  Rainmaker Entertainment is also previously responsible for the 3D animated film Escape from Planet Earth.  Many of the games voice actors will be returning, like James A. Taylor (Ratchet), David Kaye (Clank) and Jim Ward (Captain Quark).

This reporters take:  I would be telling you lies if I said I wasn’t incredibly excited for this film.  With the team at Insomniac fully behind and helping with it, as well as the voice cast reprising there roles, I can only see this becoming a great film for fans of the series and moviegoers alike.


3 thoughts on “Ratchet and Clank film announced; Coming in 2015!

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