Pulse E-Sports wins AGL Nashville!

Pulse E-Sports (consisting of APG, Formal, Snipedown, and Hienz as well as there coach Diesel) won the AGL Nashville Tournament of Halo 4, defeating Team Warriors in the championship match 3-2.  The 64 Halo teams competed from 4-12 to 4-14 and put on an amazing tournament.  If you are unfamiliar with Arena Gaming League (AGL) they are the current top organization for Halo 4 tournaments after Halo was dropped from the MLG Pro Circuit.  If you want to learn more about AGL feel free to visit there site at ArenaGaming.us. 

Below is the final match of the tournament, which was an amazing match of Team Slayer on Haven.  The match was casted by Eric “Gh057yame” Hewitt and David “Walshy” Walsh, both Halo veterans since Halo 2 was on the MLG Circuit.  Give it a look if you enjoy E-Sports or competitive Halo.


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