“Anonymous” claims responsiblity for Xbox Live outages

Take this one with an extreme grain of salt:  a YouTube account named FawkesSecurity has claimed they are behind the recent Xbox Live outage.  The video they released can be seen below

There is also word from the twitter account @AnonymousJayne that “A w0rm has now entered the XBox Live database.. causing much dismay, back-door leakage, and endless lulz 😀 “.  Truth be told, I have no idea if any of these groups are responsible for the recent outages.  It would seem disingenuous to blame Anonymous as a whole because there is no true “official” Anonymous either.  It is a collective of hacktivists that, as far as I know, has no real leader. 

The current issues on Xbox Live seem to be minimal as Microsoft seems to have fixed the errors, though the service is still running a bit sluggish as of now.  I once again advise everyone to take this with a grain of salt.  I like some of things Anonymous does, but this could have easily just been an error at Microsoft that a “branch” of Anonymous is trying to take credit for. 


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