EA’s COO Peter Moore: We can do better.


EA’s COO Peter Moore recently posted an article on EA’s official website (found here) where he talked about EA’s likely victory in The Consumerist’s Worst Company in America contest.  He goes on to talk about many of the issues his company has faced in the past year.  Moore attributed this likely “victory” to that most of it’s critics are on the internet, compared to one of it’s opponents who’s critics mainly are in bars.  He went on to say this:

“Let me cut to the chase: it appears EA is going to “win.”  Like the Yankees, Lakers and Manchester United, EA is one of those organizations that is defined by both a legacy of success, and a legion of critics (especially me regarding all three of those teams).”

He goes on to admit EA has made “plenty of mistakes”, he lists the fumbling of SimCity’s launch, servers of games shutting down too early & games not meeting expectation (read: games being bad) as legitimate complaints against the company.  He move on however to defend many of his companies positions against some gamers complaints:

  • “Many continue to claim the Always-On function in SimCity is a DRM scheme.  It’s not.  People still want to argue about it.  We can’t be any clearer – it’s not. Period.
  • Some claim there’s no room for Origin as a competitor to Steam.  45 million registered users are proving that wrong.
  • Some people think that free-to-play games and micro-transactions are a pox on gaming.  Tens of millions more are playing and loving those games.
  • We’ve seen mailing lists that direct people to vote for EA because they disagree with the choice of the cover athlete on Madden NFL. Yes, really…
  • In the past year, we have received thousands of emails and postcards protesting against EA for allowing players to create LGBT characters in our games.  This week, we’re seeing posts on conservative web sites urging people to protest our LGBT policy by voting EA the Worst Company in America.”

He closes the post by saying that still millions of people enjoy there products daily, and 350 million do it yearly.  ”

So here’s my response to this poll: We can do better.  We will do better.  But I am damn proud of this company, the people around the globe who work at EA, the games we create and the people that play them.”

My take:  I’ll fully admit last year I voted for EA to be the worst company in America.  It was mostly out of my incredible mixture of angry and disappointment and how they finished the Mass Effect franchise (yes, I was one of those people.  I’ll be posting an article about it more in the future).  Looking back, it was a childish act as EA is by no means worse then a company like Bank of America or Monsanto.  The fact that it’s winning this year, primarily because of SimCity seems silly to me, even with it’s botched launch week/month.

I can entirely understand Peter Moore’s defending of his company, heck he is likely to be the next CEO.  I can appreciate the fact that Mr. Moore took this approach compared to last year’s response, which seemed somewhat arrogant.  I have respected Peter ever since his days at Sega, and I felt the quality coming out of EA Sports has been better during his time (NBA Elite withstanding).  I am going into Peter Moore’s reign as CEO with a cautious sense of optimism..

So in closing: Good on you Peter, but the company does have a lot to work on (and I’m happy you can atleast admit it).


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